Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Which Streaming Movie Service is the Best?

The big blockbusters may be well worth the $11 fee at the movie theater, but a lot of the movies aren't worth anything like that much. You love watching videos too, but the $5 a go adds up before long... if only you could find another option? Have you ever considered using online movie streaming sites to satisfy all your movie needs? Let’s evaluate the top online movie streaming options, in order to help you find the one that is perfect for you. If you've been hiding under a rock lately and don't know what is video streaming, then please check this link.

1. Netflix - Standard setter in online movie access, good video quality (not HD yet), discount
rates.($7.99/month for unlimited streaming) Netflix are the present market leader with a large number of subscribers and an increasing online
catalogue of movies and TV shows. Leaving the bother of mailing out DVD’s for their members,
Netflix has tried to focus on continually streaming and introducing new content which members are able to view on the internet. Netflix had the foresight to notice the potential of movie streaming online and their quick start in the market ensures they are still at the forefront.

2. Blockbuster - Sluggish from the blocks, but trying hard.Like record stores, Blockbuster has all of a sudden realized that the whole market they once had
has now gone digital. In the last 6 months they've made a major effort to copy the service that Netflix provides, but are still playing catch up. With that being said, they are introducing new movies into their online selection regularly, but still promote their DVD/BluRay service more than anything else.

3. VUDU - If you just want to see the odd top quality movie, this is a great choice.(Cost is $2 to stream a high definition movie.) If you just want the convenient option of streaming a movie you want to see every now and then, this is a great service for you. The appeal with VUDU is that you only pay for what you see and there is no contract tying you into their service.

4. Hulu Plus - See your favorite programs when you wish.($7.99/month for unlimited streaming)Yet another site that's been established for some time is Hulu, who made their name streaming repeats of good old TV shows. They've possessed a focus on TV re-runs since their beginnings and that still continues to be their focus.
Should you be a big movie buff, you might want to pass on this service, over the others already mentioned. If TV programs and series are big part of your viewing activity, then don’t pass this one up. It can work great together with VUDU to provide you with a good choice of viewing options without having to shell out for satellite tv.

5. Amazon Prime Streaming - A bit more costly than the others but maybe worth a try for frequent Amazon purchasers.(Nearly $80 for yearly membership of Amazon Prime plus $4 a film on top of that)Become a member of Amazon Prime for about $80 annually and you then can get ready to stream movies. Once you become a member of Amazon Prime you get various discounts, free postage and also usage of their movie streaming service. Even so, you’re still looking at paying $4 (sometimes even more for better quality) per latest release film. It is then one of the most costly streaming services.

There exists some content available for free, meaning in my opinion the service is able to be entitled to a 1 star rating though. If you'd like to make your own choice then try it out free for 30 days in order to see what they've got to offer.

Streaming So Fantastic?

The important thing about the best movie streaming service is most definitely the simplicity. As an alternative to going down to the movie rental store, or Target to buy a $25 copy of a film, you can stream content online more cheaply and rapidly than ever before. Furthermore it doesn't cost so much either, you don't need to cover the price of the manufacture of the discs and the labels nor the rent for the shop either.

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